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The Brigade relies on the generous donations and memberships of our fellow fans to purchase food, beer, and equipment. It is our mission to provide a P5 Caliber pre and post game experience for all of our members, guests, and UC fans in general. Every purchase we make is analyzed and made with extreme care. Please consider joining one of the membership tiers listed below. Each tier has a description, and displays where your money will be allocated. We keep all funds in an RBB PayPal account with it’s own card. General group expenses are listed below, Thank you and above all else GO BEARCATS!


  • Trailer Storage and Maintainence
  • Tailgate Lot Fees
  • Food
  • Beer
  • Supplies (plates/cups/etc)
  • Gas (propane and generator/trailer)
  • Purchasing Group Season Tickets (We buy a cluster of tickets that our members re-impurse us for in order to sit together)
  • ~2 Away games per season (up front ticket price/fuel/lot fees)
  • Gear (generators/sound equipment/TV/Satellite subscription fees)



————RBB Basic Level $50————

This level is to help us pay for food at each game. If you plan on attending all or most of the UC games this year and want to tailgate, this is the plan for you. It is basically a donation of ~$10 per game. It’s a pretty solid deal. You will get your name on our website. Money at this level will pay for food only!

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————RBB Premium Level $100————

This level is to help cover the costs of away games. If you are planning on attending our home games as well as Miami OH and Michigan (and budget permitting maybe Memphis) this is the plan for you! With your membership fees we will purchase food, parking, gas, and maybe a bit of the away game tickets (to make sure we get a group of them together, you still pay full price for your ticket once I buy a bunch of them). With this level you will get an RBB hoodie, and your name on our Website.

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————RBB Prestige Level $250————

This level will help us purchase gear from our Post-Season to do list. There will be a lot of fee’s required to purchase/build/store our new trailer and your prestige membership will go a long way to help us do that. Some of this money will also go to food costs and planning away games. With your prestige membership you will get a RBB hoodie, and name on our website.

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————Hardcore Brigader $500————

So you’re as obsessed with this group as I (Justin) am then? This is the level for you. This money will go toward purchasing/outfitting/storing a trailer, food, gear, and away game pre-purchase of group tickets (I’ll pre-buy a bunch of tickets and then everyone pays me back for away games. This way we all sit together). You will get an RBB hoodie, name on our website, and VIP access to sleep in our trailer the night before away games (1st come first serve as space permits!).

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