Here are some common questions and answers about tailgating with the Red and Black Brigade

What should I bring?

We have some chairs but definitely feel free to bring a char if you’d like a guaranteed spot to sit. We have a few chars but never enough for the amount of people who tailgate with us. Feel free to bring any food to share with the group as well. We provide a main course (usually cheeseburgers and hotdogs) and typically fellow members bring chips and snacks to share. We have plates, cups, forks/spoons/knives.

What time should I arrive?

The RSVP page for the tailgate should provide when we are arriving to the grid (or parking lot of an away game). You are welcome to arrive when we do and help setup; or if you wait about an hour after we get there we should be setup and ready to go!

How long is the tailgate?

We typically arrive 6 hours before the game starts (unless it’s a noon game… UC rules prohibit us from arriving before 8am) and start packing up an hour before the game starts to make the band’s pregame show.

I don’t have a ticket; can I watch the game at the tailgate?

No one has ever needed to do so yet, but If you would like to do this I would definitely consider leaving everything setup.

What food options are there?

We typically have burgers and hot dogs, but a menu is provided on the RSVP page of the tailgate. If you would like to bring something else to throw on the grill due to dietary restrictions that’s totally fine!

Can I drink?

UC is a wet campus; so feel free to BYOB. We will bring a keg or case of a light beer to share depending on the # of RSVPs. Typically our Bar has liquor donated by fellow members for shots.

Do we have chairs?

We have about 10 folding chairs for everyone (we are always trying to provide more but they usually break and we can’t keep up :)). If you would like to bring your own chair that is totally fine!

What’s on TV?

We try to find a game that is pertinent to UC; but we take requests! This year we will be featuring 2 TV’s so we can accommodate 2 different games.

What if it rains?

We have 4 instant canopies for the 2021 season to shelter under. If bad enough; we have tarps we use for walls too. We do our best to stay dry!

What if it’s hot?

If the tailgate is going to be ~90 degrees or above we usually bring some box fans to put in the tents to help people stay cool.

What if it’s cold?

The last couple of home games can get pretty cold. We have a large propane heater we use with the tarp walls to heat the instant canopies as best we can. It can get pretty toasty!

Can I bring my dog?

There are typically a few dogs at our tailgate! UC is open to dogs.

Are kids allowed?

Yep! As we’ve become older children are becoming common place at our tailgate. We only ask if you bring children to consider brining them something to drink. We typically don’t have anything besides water for the young children.

Does the tailgate provide beer?

we do provide a limited supply of light beer for casual drinking and table games. If we have enough RSVP’s we will grab a keg. If not we pick up a case of beer or 2 and put it in a cooler.

Is there a fee to tailgate?

We do not charge a fee to tailgate with us; because we have no way to enforce official membership. We want to welcome everyone we can to the Grid and experience the unique fun of a UC football tailgate. The event does cost money – so we do ask for donations from the people who tailgate with us. The typical amount is $5 per person to cover food costs; but any extra helps us purchase new equipment (chairs/UC decor) and is greatly appreciated! You can make donations at any time here. We also bring a box to place cash donations on gamday.

Where should I park?

Gameday garage passes can be pre-purchased from UC here. There are various parking lots around Clifton that will sell gameday parking as well for ~$20. Due to the nature of the Tailgating at the grid – you’ll have to park and walk to our spot on the UC green space.

Do you have any games?

We have corn hole and a table for table games.

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