Post Season To-Do

The 2018 offseason is upon us, but we actually have a lot to do. This is going to be a living blog post in which I try to keep all of our members updated so they can provide input on what we are working on over the season. I’ll start by posting everything I want to get setup/buy/build and then fill in the status of each underneath. A lot of things are to be done if we get a tailgate vehicle, which hinges on our ability to get an alley spot to park one.

The Grid Alley Spot – Completedish

We’re hoping to be with our friends at the alley. We’ll work on purchasing a spot should one present itself.

This is cancelled because it does not appear there will be an alley spot for us for a long while. We will of course still push for one, but I think we outta focus efforts on easy grid tailgating

Get a propane deep fryer

In order to free up watts from our generator and pick up our fry making speed I would like to purchase a propane deep fryer.

Mobile Entertainment Center/Gear Box

Build a rolling entertainment center for our TV and expensive stuff that we can lock up during the game


New Vehicle

I am dead set on a vehicle for next year. Some of you know I’ve been looking at ambulances, but honestly it will come down to whatever we can get at a good price. This is all contingent on if we have a spot at the alley to park something at, as we have in the past collectively voted to not leave the grid. I will contact the school and check if there are any known spots, but typically they aren’t sure until July. The hope is with construction of the new residence hall we’ll have the sidewalk space back to get a spot!

We got a new Van! With it is a lot of work to be done.

To-Do List

Mandatory Things to do before Season:

1 – Oil Change

2 – Alignment

3 – Light Bulbs

4 – New Brakes

5 – Track Anchors to Tie Stuff Down To

6 – Chair Lift Fix Estimate

7 – General Cleaning/Decorating!

8 – Windshield Wipers

9 – New Battery

10 – Storage shelves

12 – License Plate

After these mandatory things we get to do very fun things like exterior decorating/built ins/sound.


Our Flag

Last year we set out to pick a flag, I’m not sure where we left with that but I hope to get back on it and get something made up for us to use next year! I think it was a tie between these two below…






TV/Satellite – Completed

Last year we had a TV but couldn’t get streaming setup from my phone, this year I’m hoping to have a dedicated streaming device we can use to get TV.

I ordered a hotspot with a  pay as you go data plan that HOPEFULLY will work and we have a 32 inch dedicated TV + Stand.


Away Game Schedule – Completed

We will try to do two away games this year, but with one of our OOC games at UCLA and the other technically at Miami (they are the home team playing at PBS this year) I think it’ll be difficult to find two in conference games close enough to drive to. Temple is a possibility (Philadelphia 9 hours) and if we’re fortunate enough to play Memphis at home that could be another (7 hours). Since Memphis is out of our division though it’s hard to tell if we’ll play them next year. We’ll have to determine this when the conference schedule is released.




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