Post Tailgate: Houston

For the rest of this post assume the 4th quarter never happened. What a game! Talk about a great crowd, the student section was so amped they were too loud on offense and messed up down the cswsx0yxgaatxxg-jpg-largedrive for Prez Bev! Our defense has come a long way, i’m just awe struck that we have any this year. I can’t remember the last time we didn’t have to win via shootout! I just read today that UC is
leading the nation in forced turnovers at the moment, which given the past 3-4 years is a crazy think to type. Great things are in store for this team, it just sucks to miss out on such a huge opportunity and leave the scoreboard looking the way it did.

Despite the game outcome, we had another lovely tailgate. I’m glad the Thursday games are over, as I know it’s hard for some people to get to the lot early due to work and school. I’m getting better at loading/unloading for game day and think I have a better solution for next week. To get Spirit to the lot this week I had to drive her down the night before and keep her at my Brother’s place, then picked it up the day after. Luckily one of our tailgaters has a place I can keep the trailer for Miami next week, so I’ll haul everything down in a uhaul and keep the trailer at their place until the game ends. I look forward to next year when we have our own trailer!

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