Post Tailgate: USF

We at the Brigade love our Bearcats and support the campus, fellow students, alumni, players, and teams at all times. That said, attitude reflects leadership and due to this Tommy Tubberville is no Bearcat. You don’t give up at the end of the 3rd quarter by putting in your second string kicker down by 3 touchdowns on 4 and 6. I hate to mention this in one of the post tailgate wrap ups, but there’s just no way I can write this without a bit of a jab at our head coach. We’ve now lost 2 games at our beloved stadium this year, and that’s 2 too many with a few more great teams coming to the queen city. Unbelievable.

Game aside, yet another great tailgate! An ESPN worker commented that in all of his travels (98 or 99 stadiums) he has never seen anyone deep frying french fries at their tailgate. I was beaming! I didn’t bring spirit today due to the fact we are again without a place to park a trailer during the game, but hopefully with 2 weeks to come up with a solution I’ll think of something… or I’ll procrastinate like usual. Thanks to UCPD for helping us set up, I don’t think anyone reads these but on the slim chance an officer does read this come by anytime for food or drink! At the end of the game Madison was “ejected” from the stadium because her and Corey walked onto the field and rode the warm up stationary bikes for the football team. We stay for the ENTIRE game (then screw around). They apparently just walked right on after the game ended. Shout out to the sky who was the real MVP tonight, what a beautiful day and night for tailgating and a football game!

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