Post Tailgate: UTM

Hello Bearcats!


Our first tailgate at the Grid was pretty sweet! We had about 7 people there, and it was a relaxing nice time to talk football/expansion/work/fields and whatever else our hearts desired. Since it was a short one, we didn’t pack most of our goodies like games and bars but most people didn’t arrive till 4:30/5 anyways.IMG_3808-1


I was pleased with the turnout at the Grid! It felt packed, and it was cool to see how others approach tailgating for UC games. I saw a few things that may be fun to implement (rolling gear chests, tent walls/banners) that we will consider. I was so impressed with the helpers available to help get your gear from the unloading site to your plot, that was awesome. Getting stuff back to the car was a pain, but we’ll adjust for next game.

Our next home game is another Thursday night game, but it’s a big one against Houston. I’m going to try to get out of class to be set up earlier than 4. It depends if anyone else can be there early or not as well, stay tuned for details!

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