Why is UC so quiet?

While at the moment I don’t think Mike Bohn has done anything to warrant his head, I think it’s strange that we have received no official statement from the Athletic department about anything at all really… Not regarding B12 status, FCC field renovations, new scoreboards/audio systems, or current coaching status in terms of football. Not even a “Hey, we know you’re all very anxious about a zillion things, but we got this”. When is the last time we’ve heard from Mike? I’ve met him, he is very nice and seems to know what he’s doing. In my opinion he has done more for us than Babcock ever did, and as proof I point to the fact that Babcock set this program back by about a decade by hiring his bud on his way to Virginia Tech. Fast sportsfootball-feature-imageforward to this new version of the Athletic Department who has installed an entire department dedicated to the fan experience/game presentation, gotten every bar in clifton to hang a UC flag outside (I can’t have been the only one to notice), brought about the Calhoun AND Vine Street Tailgate zones, opened the Grid up earlier for tailgating, as well as bringing us a beautiful basketball arena we’ll have in a couple years. The under Armor Contract? Despite numerous (so far unwarranted) complaints hosting FCC without affecting UC Football? Mike Bohn and his team have done a lot for UC. So why stay quiet? Is it because UC is currently drifting at sea with only an interim president? Have things not gotten bad enough on the field to warrant an official statement from the school? I understand not firing Tubby mid season; we just can’t afford it and honestly the only thing we’re playing for now is a shitty bowl game so it’s not like there’s much to gain by spending millions just so I don’t have to see dumb Tubby smirks on the sideline,┬ábut at least address the fans who are about to protest a red out and are on the verge of apathy. Let us now you are actively monitoring the situation and you expect more. Like many other blogs have stated angry is fine, apathetic is not. Keep everyone engaged and caring while you can. I think we deserve some words about any of the issues currently on the mind of Bearcat fans.

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