Wear Black to Homecoming VS ECU

The Red and Black Brigade encourage everyone and our members to wear black for the Homecoming game VS ECU. This is to protest the current direction of our program, but being at the game to support our team and players. Also, I feel like it’s to protest the constant color schemes the school is trying to pass.


Here are some options if you want to buy a specific shirt for the occasion

Cincy VS Everyone –¬†http://section117.bigcartel.com/product/come-early-be-loud-fire-tubs


513 Shirts –¬†https://www.513shirts.com/products/anyone-but-tubs-tee?variant=27005284353

(if you use promotion code REPUBLIC you can pick your shirt up at the the Republic of Cincinnati’s tailgate on game day)




Or wear any other black shirt… Just show up to the game, our players deserve it!

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