Our Bar’s Name

IMG_2768It feels like just yesterday I drew up a concept for a MOBILE B.A.R. (Bearcat Alcohol Reservoir) and learned how to spell Reservoir… In reality it was two years ago, and it was constructed the summer before last football season as a centerpiece for the┬áRed and Black Brigade. It cost far more than I wanted, and my blood sweat and tears went into it. I’ve been calling it Puzzles from “How I Met your Mother”, but I think that it’s new name will stick better and have far more meaning than a joke from HIMYM.

Spirit of Santa

(Spirit for short)IMG_2698


Love it or hate it I’m naming my bar in the name of Santa Ono, an inspiration to all Bearcats in terms of integrity, spirit, and leadership. A man who left UC far better than he found it, and to this day does all he can to support our school from his new/old home in Canada; including buying a ticket to a football game this year. There may never be a statue of the man on campus, but his passion will be memorialized whenever Spirit rolls onto the grass/pavement.



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