Tailgating Offseason: What we’ve been up to 2016

Bearcat Fans,


There is one weekend left in the offseason which is bittersweet because on one hand I’m sick of waiting for football, but also sweet because I’ve procrastinated and pushed all the pre season work to this weekend. If you were wondering what’s new for the Red and Black Brigade this year, wonder no more!


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New this year?

New Tailgating Spot:

While most of you are aware of this, it’s worth mentioning again. We have moved from Uptown Rents Views on Vine to Campuses Gridiron tailgate because that seemed like a great idea (see next point why). We are spot number 19, and still awaiting an official map of where exactly that is… When I have it i’ll post it.


Justin Moved:

What does this have to do with Bearcats football and why do you care? This is why we aren’t at views on vine anymore, and why moving to the gridiron seemed like a good idea. It also has created a few logistical issues (getting everything to UC) which have been temporarily solved below…


SUV with a Trailer Hitch:

Jumping the gun a bit, a trailer hitch is getting installed this weekend. There’s a cargo carrier that will hang off the back of the Nissan on which the bar will sit. It isn’t pretty, but for this year it will work well. I’ll load up the car, drive to campus, unload, put the cargo platform thing in the car and park in the garage.


New Grill:

I loved my coleman tailgater grill, but it wasn’t big enough. While I don’t expect such large groups as we had last year, you never know with this groups. Having a big boy grill means I can cook a bunch of food at once for everyone! Rumor was Madison has a spare grill we can use, but I also have one. Either way we have a bigger one.


Doors on the Bar:

MIMG_3769y hope is to chain Spirit (bars name) to a pole or rock or something during game time so no one steals her. I’m currently installing doors which lock so that I can put most of the tailgating stuff inside without the threat of theft during game time.








-There was a rumor that Madison has a bigger deep fryer, idk if that’s true or not.

-I’m still hoping to get a potato press to make french fries easier and quicker to make

-If the WIFI is good enough on our first game, I’ll have a TV so we can watch other games.


What we still have:

Two Instant Canopy Tents

lots of chairs

Corn Hole!

A folding Table for various drinking games


Spirit of Santa (MOBILE B.A.R.)


2100 Watt Quiet inverter generator

Deep Fryer for french fries


Wish List for next year:

Next year is my first year as a college graduate, and while I have a lot of loans to repay I’m hoping to bite the bullet and purchase the ¬†small toy hauler I’ve always wanted our group to have. That could easily be next years largest and only significant purchase.

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