The Big 12 is considering Expansion


The Big 12 recently announced at the end of their annual media days that they are officially investigating the addition of 2 to 4 teams. If you’re not quite sure what to make of that, at this point in the game it means the Big 12 is going to expand but isn’t quite sure by how many or what schools. They have entered a period of “investigation” which means every school in the country is going to be sending them binders/movies/packets/children/fortune 500 companies right to their door to campaign for an invite. Things such as future investments into facilities as well as TV markets and game day attendance will definitely be a factor, and I’m sure the two heavy weights Oklahoma and Texas would enjoy a member with some history as well (although the feeling is they are on the way out… A story for another time). Currently UC Stacks up fairly well even with the recent exit of beloved Santa Ono who set us on a pedestal with his tireless promoting of the institution and collection of Academic and Athletic materials. A proposed expansion of Nippert Stadium to 50,000-55,000 gives us some more seats to our already incredible facility, and it has been proven that the Bearcats have a growing and loyal fan base.


As this is a tailgating blog, what does this mean for this years tailgate?


It has been mentioned by the athletic department that the school has been interested in stepping up its pregame activities on the grid in order to facilitate a power conference pre-game feel. Tailgating at Views on Vine last year, we felt as if off campus festivities were going pretty well. The renovation of Vine Street has really given the school another pre game option, and the other tailgating groups and families arrived early, ate, drank, and played ball all day. You can bet the Uptown Rentals move to Vine street will make next year even better, and I’m positive fans will appreciate the atmosphere. It was mentioned to us that the grid will be officially opening 6 hours prior to kickoff this season and will also be hosting a few concerts as well as the traditional Cat Walk and Bearcat Blitz. It is important as tailgaters and die-hard Bearcat fans we show up early, and GET TO OUR SEATS. Watch The Charge, sing the school songs, recite the National Anthem, see the usually awesome intro videos, and drink a beer. Other than that, The Republic of Cincinnati has been doing a fantastic job bringing tailgating groups together and our move to the grid has me pumped for the 2016 season! Lets go.

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