Post Tailgate: BYU

Well the Grid was a bit stormed by BYU fans, but they were great neighbors. Offered us a bunch of cup cakes and some other cake in return for us answering questions about where the stadium/bathrooms were and such. It was nice to come back from the game to some cupcakes left out for us to eat our sorrows away with… The game wasn’t great, but we had a good time anyway on the grid and eating nachos in the stands.


Again we had a decent crowd of about 20 people. My parents and some more people from Cleveland came to celebrate Bearcats football for the weekend (seriously we have regulars from Cleveland), We did not go through the 10 pound bag of potatoes simply because my generator could not power the double wide deep fryer. I was dejected, but took out the single deep fryer and carried on. Thanks to a donation of cheeseburgers from some of the Cleveland fans we had hotdogs and cheeseburgers, skyline chili dip from Madison and someone brought a lot of cookies! (I think it was Liz, but i’m not sure). Thank you to everyone for making our last saturday tailgate a hit!

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