Post Tailgate: ECU

sportstailgate-feature-imageAs stated on my Twitter page, out of the 4 years we’ve been tailgating that was the best one. We had a lot of great Bearcat fans, about 6 people visiting from Cleveland and a lot of liquor and alcohol to go around. I’m thankful to Nick for lending us a double wide deep fryer for the last two games because I just could not keep up the French fries again this week, so I’m hoping the last couple home games we’ll have plenty of French fries.

Thanks to Madison for suggesting a keg, she’s been wanting one for about two years now and while I personally never thought we could finish one at a tailgate we did, and only 1 person passed out to do it!

Drunk me thought it would be fun to bring the flag-pole and photo-oct-22-7-34-48-pmdarth Vader Cincy flag into Nippert (it was) and everyone thought it was a sweet flag but heads up-apparently flag poles are on the no no list for Nippert. The police were very nice about it through.

I’m pretty bummed that there are only two home games remaining in the season, but look forward to next year when we have our own trailer because this loading/unloading thing between my apartment and SUV is getting exhausting. The awesome Big 12 videos push me through though and we should have a decent crowd VS BYU. Stay tuned for game time announcement!

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