RBB Attempting to Re-locate to the Alley

According to the ticket office, today marks the start of grid renewals. The office will begin calling tailgaters and asking if they would like to renew their tailgate space. I have already tried to get on a waitlist for the alley to accommodate our new trailer, but it appears there is no waitlist. I will continue to pester the office for a space to be as close as possible to other tailgaters with vehicles. Due to the heavy construction of both the new residence hall and business college, I would imagine Sigma Sigma is going to be rough for the next couple seasons. If it becomes impossible to tailgate in the alley we have a couple other options…


Last year I’m pretty sure I saw trailers on the roof of University Pavilion Garage. This is a decent secondary choice if we are unable to locate to the grid. It’s still on campus, and if you hang out towards the edge you can still see/hear the band and other tailgate groups. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for us but we’ll do what we need to.


While this isn’t ideal and it’s far away from the grid this is really the only other place you can park a trailer in Clifton and stay nearby Nippert Stadium. The only issue here is everything is first come first serve and we won’t be near any of the pregame festivities. We’ll keep this as a last resort and make the best of it should it be all we can do.

Reminder that these spaces cost money! If you could; consider becoming a member here or making a donation here. Anything helps! We pulled in a fantastic recruiting class today so I can’t wait for football season to see the team kick some American ass.


Go Bearcats!

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