Red and Black Brigade // A New Era

Last year brought the addition of the Mobile B.A.R. (Bearcat Alcohol Reservoir), deep fryer, generator, and partnership with the Cincy Snowcats to our humble Views on Vine parking lot. This year we are pleased to introduce you to the new online home of the Red and Black Brigade! We hope to use this website as a tool to keep Brigadiers in the loop about future events as well as provide feedback/input when necessary.


Along with the new website I am pleased to announce that The Brigade will be moving from our Views on Vine location to the athletic department’s sponsored “The Grid” tailgate at space #19. By doing this we will be closer to all of the other UC tailgate groups as well as pre game activities such as concerts/parades/The Catwalk and many more. I have been assured we are permitted in our space 6 hours prior to kickoff, which just means I will no longer be sitting alone in the parking lot 8 hours early like last year. We plan to have the BAR, a larger grill, larger deep fryer, TV (UC WIFI permitting), and our 2 canopy tents at this location.


As always please feel free to bring who ever you would like to the tailgate, the more the merrier! We promise we’re not culty.


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